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We’ll be launching a completely re-designed app (and website) soon. Email us and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready!
Wunderverse is new place for interactive storytelling adventure in the universe!

Travel the Known Worlds of the Wunderverse…

Paranormal Planet
Hidden Treasures
Fedora Noir
Age of Shadow
Retro Space
Surviving the Rubble
Monster Tales

Building it for Universal Storytelling

A new version of Wunderverse is coming in mid to late 2017 and it will not only run on your iPhone, it will also run on your Mac! With some great new improvements for story building.

A New World Discovered!

A new world has recently been discovered as exploration of the Wunderverse constellation continues. Paranormal Planet! Are you ready to discover and explore what exists on the other side?


Wunderverse 1.0 is now available in the Apple App Store!

Writing in Second Person

One of the first decisions a writer has to make before putting pen to paper (or more likey, fingers to keyboard), is to decide which point of view they are going to write in. Should it be first-person? Or third-person limited? If they're truly bold, they might even...

Two New Worlds Discovered!

As the vast expanse of the Wunderverse is traversed, it was inevitable that new places would be found to explore, and I'm here to tell you about two such new worlds that have recently been discovered. The first takes you back into the past where thrill seekers and...

You Have the Beginning, Now What?

The idea for the beginning of my story came to me pretty easily. It's one of those "What if..." kind of situational beginnings. This is similar to how Stephen King starts his books. He comes up with a situation and then writes his way out of it (i.e. what if you wake...

So Many Choices

One of the major strengths Wunderverse has over other text-based adventure games is the myriad of options available to the writer/creator of a game. At the beginning you have the option of using a human character or animal or whatever species you like. They can talk...

What’s a Sample Story?

Even though Wunderverse was created to allow you, dear players, to write and share your own adventure stories, we wanted to include a few sample stories to demonstrate how one might be put together. The Wunderverse engine includes lots of options for story telling,...

Create Your Own Adventures

Wunderverse was designed to give you the kind of freedom a Game Master or Dungeon Master might have when creating and building new adventures to share with your friends.
  Through a rich rules system of over 70 unique Events, Outcomes, and Conditions you can set up all sorts of obstacles and challenges (no programming skills needed) for players to overcome as they explore your adventures — all based on the actions they take, what they are carrying, their current condition, their skills and abilities, random chance, and a myriad of other things that make going on quests so much fun!
Wunderverse was built to inspire storytelling too. Your story narration can have illustrations, audio, and even special effects like Burst, Pulse, and Wobble to help draw players in! Your imagination really is the only limit to the kinds of places, characters, and mysteries you can conjure up to be discovered and explored.

Explore Adventures

There are seven known worlds in the Wunderverse where adventures can take place.
Each world has its own unique types of places to explore, characters and beasties to encounter, mysterious objects and treasure to find, and special skills and abilities to develop!
Explore paranormal spaces, medieval times, ancient ruins, 40’s crime noir, a post-apocalyptic future, atomic space, and more.   Whenever a new adventure is made available from Wunderverse or shared by a friend, it will appear in your view of the Known Worlds, ready to be explored. Sample stories are also included to help get you started. Use those stories as examples of how to create your own adventures.
Once inside a story, you have lots of ways you can interact with it. Move around from place to place, search areas for hidden secrets and treasure, pick up and examine objects, use skills or abilities, even have conversations with characters you encounter. Do all the things you would want to explore and discover!

Share Adventures

When your epic adventure is ready, it’s easy to share it with your friends. All you have to do is tap the Share button and select from your list of friends who have Wunderverse. The story will be delivered to them through iCloud. This is our first step towards features we have planned for a new take on traditional game and storytelling night. We have lots of fun things in the works for how you can share and experience adventures together in the Wunderverse.

Become the Characters

You’ll never know what to expect when become a character in a Wunderverse story. You might wake to find yourself with a bomb strapped to your chest, or standing in a pig pen with some unusually happy pigs! A story may even have more than one character you can play as, and you can choose which one you would like to become. In Wunderverse, you always explore adventures as the characters in the story, discovering their secrets and seeing the world through their eyes.

Begin your adventure today!

“Yeah, it’s alright, I guess… my friends are texting. I gotta go.” Sophie

Teenage Zombie, HAZMAT Settlement, Titan Moon

“I’d call it a clean, well-lit place for having some dark, dangerous fun. Oy! You! Get down off that table, ya igit.” Lorwin Rosegard

Barkeep, The Dampened Inn, Kingdom Of Yalegord

“I find the game rules adequate.” B.R.I.A.N.

Biomechanical Robotic Individual Assembled for Nullification, Gorgax System

“Is this thing on?” Drake Marlin

Lead Gumshoe, K.A.M.B Detective Agency, Earth

What will you put in your stories for players to discover?

With Wunderverse the possibilities have no limit.