Wunderverse Beta Test

Thank you for helping us test Wunderverse! We hope you have some fun with it and we appreciate any time you can spend. NOTE: this is not meant to be formal QA. There are bugs in this beta! We know about many of them and are working on them. What we would like to hear from you is more general feedback. We want to hear your impressions, what you like about the app, and anything you don’t like, find confusing, or think could be improved. (But if you do find a bug, we’d like to hear about that too as we may not have discovered that particular one yet). Submit your comments using the form on the right, and please submit comments as often as you like. The more information you can provide, the more helpful it will be. We suggest having this page open as you are going through Wunderverse, and submitting comments whenever you think of them.

Specific Things to Try:

  • First Impressions—Open the app and take a look around. What are your general impressions? What can you do with this app?
  • Take the tour—Follow the in-app Guided Tour (You can restart the tour from the “Known Worlds” screen under the Book button). Was it helpful? Did it change your first impressions or understanding of the app?
  • Explore the sample stories—The samples are meant to illustrate the app’s capabilities, and to give players ideas for creating their own adventures. What are your impressions of this interactive story format?
  • Edit a sample story—After you play through a sample story, open it up and Edit it to see how it was made. What are your overall impressions of the story builder?
  • Create your own story—After going through the Guided Tour, try creating your own mini adventure. (Too hard to come up with an idea on the fly? Try Little Red Riding Hood.) Were you able to create your story? What did you like/not like about making the story?
  • Share your story—Try using the built-in Sharing feature to share the adventure you created with David (*protected email*) or Shawn (*protected email*). If you know someone else beta testing Wunderverse, try sharing adventures with them too. Did it work? How could you see yourself sharing stories (with a group, individual person, with your kids…)?

Feedback Form