We learned a lot from players with versions 1.0 and 1.1. The two things most have asked for have been:
  1. The ability to play (and edit!) adventures on your iPhone
  2. A more robust storytelling environment for authors to create more full-length, professional adventure stories
We’re excited to say a major update of Wunderverse coming mid to late 2017 (after a couple maintenance release) will be bringing both!

A New Universal UI

We always knew we would be supporting the iPhone, but we figured it would be too cumbersome to actually edit stories on the small screen with the existing story editor UI. We thought the iPhone version would be a story player only. But when we talked more with players, we realized it would be nice to be able to tweak and make edits to stories on the go, when you only had your phone. Then, when we started talking to professional authors about what they would want most in Wunderverse, we realized a full desktop Mac version was also going to be necessary. From this, we have gone back to the drawing board, re-wrote and re-designed almost all the UI code, and have come up with a new universal UI that will not only feel the same on iPad, iPhone and the Mac (both for editing and playing), it also introduces an entirely new story editing workflow we think everyone is really going to like!

New Fullscreen Story Text Editor

Story is (clearly) the single most important thing in a Wundeverse adventure. With the introduction of the new universal UI we wanted to make sure your view for editing story text let you emerse yourself in the story you are writing. The new view will now show how your text will look when the adventure is played, with no other uncessary distractions. And, of course, on the Mac version (or an iPad with keyboard) the complete screen is available for editing your story narration.

The new map editor shown on both the Mac and iPad Pro, with lots of room to edit!
The new full-screen story text editor, shown on Mac and iPad, lets you see the text how it will look when played.