Enhancements Coming in 1.1

  Thanks, everyone, for playing Wunderverse! And thanks to all who have been providing your great feedback and bug reports. We want to make Wunderverse the best place for adventure that it can be, so we appreciate it greatly, and please keep them coming! Send Us Your Ideas!  

Here is some of what will be included in 1.1:

  • A Scrollable Story Map!

    You will soon be able to have Story Maps as large as you need.
  • Ability to Remove Skills, Abilities, etc. from Playable Characters

    In 1.0 you can add skills, abilities, etc. when editing Playable Characters in the Character Details view, but we just ran out of time before we could add the ability to remove them. Version 1.0 will give you this ability.
  • Fix for Crash when Setting Up Conversations and Speakable Items

    Wunderverse has a great conversation system that you can set up with characters in your stories, but because of bug that was introduced at the last minute that we didn’t catch, version 1.0 is crashing any time you try and set up a conversation. Sorry about that! This will be fixed in 1.1.
  • Various Big Fixes

    And, of course, we have a list of other minor bug fixes and stability enhancements that folks have been reporting or that were on our list that didn’t make it in 1.0. If you find a bug, please let us know!
  Look for version 1.1 to be in the App Store in a few weeks. We want to wait a little bit more to see if any other bugs are found. In the mean time, if you enjoy playing in the Wunderverse, please consider giving us a review in the App Store so that we can spread the word. And if you have suggestions, anything at all, we would love to hear them! Cheers, The Wunderverse Search and Rescue Team