Building it for Universal Storytelling

A new version of Wunderverse is coming in mid to late 2017 and it will not only run on your iPhone, it will also run on your Mac! With some great new improvements for story building.

The Road to Version 1.1

It took a little longer than planned, but our first update to Wunderverse is finally ready today!

A New World Discovered!

A new world has recently been discovered as exploration of the Wunderverse constellation continues. Paranormal Planet! Are you ready to discover and explore what exists on the other side?


Wunderverse 1.0 is now available in the Apple App Store!

Writing in Second Person

One of the first decisions a writer has to make before putting pen to paper (or more likey, fingers to keyboard), is to decide which point of view they are going to write in. Should it be first-person? Or third-person limited? If they’re truly bold, they might...

Two New Worlds Discovered!

As the vast expanse of the Wunderverse is traversed, it was inevitable that new places would be found to explore, and I’m here to tell you about two such new worlds that have recently been discovered. The first takes you back into the past where thrill...