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Explore stories in the seven known worlds of the Wunderverse…
Immerse yourself in stories as one of the main characters…
Share your stories with your Wunderverse friends…
Build in player chance and choice into adventures using a rich rules system of over 70 unique Events, Outcomes, and Conditions…
Create stories with untold places to discover and explore…
A built-in Game Manual updates with the latest tips and how-tos…
A new place for adventure!

New Coming in Version 1.1…

  • A new world — Paranormal Planet!
  • Sound! Add immersive sound effects to your stories. Plus each Known World has a new and original music sound track!
  • A scrollable Story Map! You can now create Story Maps in your adventures as large as you need them.
  • Save your progress at multiple places in an adventure so that you can return to them later.
  • Arrange the Known Worlds of Wunderverse in your favorite order.
  • Ability to remove Skills, Abilities, Languages, Possessions, Afflictions, and Achievements from the Playable Character editor.
  • A new Special Effect you can add to your story narration. Besides Wobble and Burst, you can now Pulse!
  • Story contests! You can now submit stories to us from within Wunderverse for all the fun contests we have planned.
  • This version also lets new stories we publish appear automatically in Wunderverse as soon as they become available for you.
  • iOS 9 compatibility.
  • A fix for a crash that was happening when creating conversations for characters.
  • Various other bug fixes, tweaks and enhancements.

Original Press Release…

WUNDERVERSE LAUNCHES INTERACTIVE RPG ADVENTURE “Choose-your-own-Adventure” Style Game Builder Debuts on the iPad JUNE 4, 2015, San Rafael, CA —  Wunderverse Interactive (, an adventure gaming company, today announces the launch of its iPad game, Wunderverse, for ages 12 and older that lets you create, explore and share your very own adventure tales. Built upon a rich foundation of player exploration and chance, Wunderverse is a new game for creating and experiencing interactive adventure. Co-founders Shawn McKee and David Mullin started building Wunderverse in 2014 in an effort to bring back the fun and wonder of the classic role playing games (RPGs) and “choose-your-own-adventure” books that they adored as children. They developed Wunderverse as a way for anyone to create their own exciting adventures with fun places to discover, characters to meet, mysteries to solve, and treasures to find. With Wunderverse on the iPad you can now:
  • Create absorbing, interactive adventures through a new form of storytelling
  • Share adventures with your friends to explore
  • Collect and explore adventures written and imagined by others
  • Experience stories as the characters and discover secrets
  • Learn and master Wunderverse through an in-app Game Manual that gets updated regularly with new tips and how-tos
“We’ve put a lot of work into designing Wunderverse and we hope it becomes a new, inspiring take on game night,” said Shawn McKee, cofounder of Wunderverse. “Something really special happens when you sit down and start imagining your own worlds, and we’re excited to offer this new environment where people can not only explore fantastic adventures, they can create and share them too.” No programming skills are needed to play and enjoy Wunderverse. Through a fun and versatile system of over 70 Events, Outcomes, and Conditions, you can set up endless obstacles and challenges for players to overcome as they explore your adventures — all based on the actions players take, what they are carrying, their current conditions, their skills and abilities, random chance, and a myriad of other things that make going on quests so much fun. There are six known worlds in the Wunderverse where adventures can be created and explored. These include medieval times, ancient ruins, 40’s crime noir, a post-apocalyptic future, atomic space, and many more coming soon! Wunderverse is available on the App Store starting today for $3.99 and can be downloaded here: The game requires an iPad running iOS 8. Visit our social media sites at: and About Wunderverse Founded in 2014 by Shawn McKee and David Mullin, Wunderverse Interactive ( is an adventure gaming company. The company launched its new RPG, Wunderverse, which requires an iPad running iOS 8 and can be purchased for $3.99 in at the App Store at Wunderverse Interactive is privately funded and based in San Rafael, CA. Press Contact Nicole Brunet moc.e1519105141srevr1519105141ednuw1519105141@sser1519105141p1519105141
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