Some of our favorite sources of inspiration when creating adventure tales with Wunderverse.
In a lot of ways, the Dungeon Alphabet exemplifies the same spirit we hope Wunderverse does. Browsing the illustrations, alone, is worth the price of admission. But its fun format of organizing lists of adventure ideas under each letter of the alphabet is like going on choose-your-own-adventure itself.
Learn how to write a mystery while getting caught up in one! It’s a fun way to get your creative writing wheels turning.
Nobody made you want to travel the stars in a rocket ship like Wallace Wood. This fine hardcover print contains an amazing collection of some of his finest illustrations and writing, and is one fine source for retro-space adventure ideas.
A fun little book that, not unlike choose-your-own-adventures, will take you through a difficult maze of challenges. Each page is a room with a puzzle to solve. We like it for the ideas it sparks for challenges you can add to your own stories, and for all the amazing illustrations. But be warned. The puzzles can be demanding!
There are lots of good Bestiaries out there that can give you great ideas for monsters to live in you stories. We especially like the Pathfinder series (there are 4 as of this writing) published by Paizo Publishing. The Number 2 Bestiary, in particular, has some of our current favorites. Attic Whisperers! Page 34.
Another bestiary, of sorts. This fun little hardcover is a quirky collection of writings on all things mythical and odd. Also, check out the author’s companion book dedicated to nautical curiosities.
Gamescape North is a fun game store located down the road from us in San Rafael. Their love of board and tabletop games is clear the moment you walk into their store, and they provide a regular calendar of some of the best community game nights in town.
A-1 Comics is an awesome comics store that has the largest selection in the Sacramento area. They also hold multiple gaming events every week that includes Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon and various board games. A-1 has two locations in the area: one in Sacramento and another in Roseville.
In San Diego there is At Ease Games, another great game store dedicated to board and tabletop games and tournaments. We don’t get down there nearly enough, but when we do, we always stop by.