Special Price!

For a limited time you can get Wunderverse for $2.99. Hurry! This special will end soon.

It took a little longer than planned, but our first update to Wunderverse is finally ready today! Today’s version adds in the things we had originally hoped to launch with back in June. In particular, we are excited to finally have all the great, original music Brian Hill wrote for each of the Known Worlds. Brian had finished a few back in June, but now he has been able to complete them all for us. Listen to Fedora Noir or Monster Tales, for example, to see what we mean! See All That’s New!   We have done our best to thoroughly test this release and still get it out in some form of timely fashion, all in a build we felt comfortable releasing. But we are a small team. So if you find bugs or things that don’t quite work the way you expected, please let us know! Half the challenge of writing good apps is finding all the bugs in the first place. We want to make sure Wunderverse is a fun environment you feel safe creating and sharing your adventures in.   Now without further ado, your new rocket to the Wunderverse is waiting! Cheers! Your Wunderverse Search and Rescue Team