Our Travelogue…

The journal of our own adventures in the Wunderverse.

A New World Discovered!

A new world has recently been discovered as exploration of the Wunderverse constellation continues. Paranormal Planet! Are you ready to discover and explore what exists on the other side?

Writing in Second Person

One of the first decisions a writer has to make before putting pen to paper (or more likey, fingers to keyboard), is to decide which point of view they are going to write in. Should it be first-person? Or third-person limited? If they're truly bold, they might even...

Two New Worlds Discovered!

As the vast expanse of the Wunderverse is traversed, it was inevitable that new places would be found to explore, and I'm here to tell you about two such new worlds that have recently been discovered. The first takes you back into the past where thrill seekers and...

You Have the Beginning, Now What?

The idea for the beginning of my story came to me pretty easily. It's one of those "What if..." kind of situational beginnings. This is similar to how Stephen King starts his books. He comes up with a situation and then writes his way out of it (i.e. what if you wake...

So Many Choices

One of the major strengths Wunderverse has over other text-based adventure games is the myriad of options available to the writer/creator of a game. At the beginning you have the option of using a human character or animal or whatever species you like. They can talk...

What’s a Sample Story?

Even though Wunderverse was created to allow you, dear players, to write and share your own adventure stories, we wanted to include a few sample stories to demonstrate how one might be put together. The Wunderverse engine includes lots of options for story telling,...

The Folks Behind Wunderverse…

Shawn McKee • Founder, Chief Rocket Builder

Shawn has been writing software and building apps for a good long time. Long before apps were called apps, at least. He admires anything designed and built well, especially entertaining things that help people create and share fun ideas. Plus he really likes a good adventure tale. (He can still watch all of Empire Strikes Back or Young Frankenstein on any given Sunday afternoon.) So it is probably not too hard to guess where his interest in making Wunderverse came from.

T.K. Watkins • Chief Visualizer

T.K. Watkins (a.k.a. Travis Kotzebue) has worked in both comics and games for publishers such as DC Comics/Warner Bros, Disney Online, PopCap Games/Electronic Arts, Sony, Sucker Punch Productions, and many more. He’s contributed to many key franchises, such as the Sly Cooper series, Plants vs. Zombies, DC superheroes, and he also created comics for NBC’s “Heroes”. After 15 years working and living in Seattle, Travis now lives in Portland, Oregon, with his lovely girlfriend and Corgi puppy, Titan. Travis is creating all the amazing in-app illustrations you see in Wunderverse, and he has created illustrations for all of the sample stories that will be included!

Lawrence Ruelosday • Visualizer-at-Large

Four score and few pieces of paper ago, Lawrence sat at the dining room table, picked up one of his crayons and drew himself a picture of Batman. “Someday you’ll be a famous artist,” said his mom, peeking over his shoulders as he finished up coloring his favorite character. Those early artistic ambitions led him to a career in art producing animation for laser shows, and bringing 2D characters and environments into the next dimension through modeling, props and painting textures. In 2013, Lawrence attended the Creative Talent Network Expo in Burbank and realized how much he missed dreaming up characters, the ridiculous stories that define them, and the world where they exist. His biggest joy is ending the day at his desk drawing people and characters with his cat, Pixar, by his side meowing words of encouragement.


Brian Hill • Chief Music Maker

Brian began playing guitar in high school. That interest led him to study music in college. His interest in paying the bills led him to getting a degree in electrical engineering. He has been writing and playing music and writing software ever since. Brian is currently playing in several bands covering a variety of genres as well as writing iOS apps and web software for clients across the Bay Area, all while writing some brilliant and fun original music scores for Wunderverse.

Jenny Kolcun • Chief User Experience Bringer

Jenny is a digital designer with keen interests in brand identity and mobile app design. She is a thinker and a maker and has lead talented creative teams all while finding zen in pushin’ pixels. Jenny is graciously applying all those talents to help Wunderverse become a great user experience.