writing600One of the first decisions a writer has to make before putting pen to paper (or more likey, fingers to keyboard), is to decide which point of view they are going to write in. Should it be first-person? Or third-person limited? If they’re truly bold, they might even want to go with third-person omnicient. One of the fun things about Wunderverse, from a writer’s perspective, is the chance to work in a point of view most have never used before: second person. Second person is where “you” is used instead of “I” (first person) or “he” and/or “she” (third person). An example would be, “You have fallen into the bottom of a well and water starts to rise…” Because Wunderverse is an adventure gaming system, second person is used most of the time to make the player/user feel a part of the action and in charge of what happens next. Present tense tends to be used in conjunction with second person narrative in Wunderverse because most stories are happening to the player now and it’s up to them to figure out how to proceed or get themselves out of a precarious situation. Certainly, past tense could be used in a creative way as well, and that’s what makes Wunderverse so flexible and fun to use: it’s up to you how to tell your story. If you’re like me, you will sometimes find yourself slipping into first or third person narrative while writing your game story. That’s ok, it’s an entirely new way to write and it does take time getting used to, but that’s why editing was invented.