The idea for the beginning of my story came to me pretty easily. It’s one of those “What if…” kind of situational beginnings. This is similar to how Stephen King starts his books. He comes up with a situation and then writes his way out of it (i.e. what if you wake up handcuffed to a bed in the middle of the woods and your lover is lying dead next to you). Starting the story was fun and easy. I just filled out the story points that logically flowed from my beginning predicament and went from there. Then, bam! The wall. How the heck am I going to finish this story? How does my heroine survive? Does she survive? I keep a journal close to my bed in case ideas come to me in the middle of the night. My wife has been woken up a few times by a turned on light or the glow of my computer screen because of an idea I dreamt about needed to be written down before forgotten. But with this story: nothing. Not for weeks. So I did what any courageous writer does, I stayed away and ignored it. Surprisingly, that didn’t seem to work either. Finally, I bit the bullet and did what always works. I started writing more of the story, and sure enough, as soon as I did, the floodgates opened and ideas began pouring out. It works every time, but for some reason, that fear still compels me to stay away even though I know that won’t solve anything.